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UNIXAIX provides a cost efficient support to businesses with servers running older and newer versions of AIX such as AIX 4.3.3 etc. We support AIX 5L, AIX 6L and AIX 7L.  We also provide  a standard  onsite and remote assistance to our customers. UNIXAIX assists businesses with onsite and offsite formal AIX courses, and  HACMP, LVM, VIO consulting. We also answer online and over the phone questions that ou clients may have.
UNIXAIX provides AIX consulting services to small and medium sized businesses in the Dallas, TX area. We help companies to implement AIX systems administration change management (CM). We provide Onsite systems administration and support. We deliver training sessions to customers who want to gain knowledge of AIX logical volume manager TCP/IP, virtualization etc.. The UNIXAIX Team has the processes, skills and experience to assist in the deployment of your AIX environment, HACMP cluster...

Virtualization (VIO) Implementation - Detailed planning, installation and customization, application integration, custom scripts, extensive testing, and knowledge transfer. IBM System pSeries  Planning and Implementation.

Detailed system planning, installation and customization, VIO servers, micro-partitioning...


UNIXAIX offers support for older and newer versions of AIX (from AIX 4.3.3 to Higher version of AIX).  You grant us remote access to your servers or invite to assess or solve the problem.  We will assist you with system-down,  installation and implementation.  We offer classes to individuals and businesses at very low costs. We provide business continuity, detailed planning, installation and customization, application integration, custom scripts, extensive testing services and knowledge transfer of UNIX AIX 4.3.3. AIX 5.1, AIX 5.2 and AIX 5.3.

AIX Software Upgrades - SW upgrade planning, verify prerequisites, application consideration. Please, contact us if you need assistance with installation.


UNIXAIX supplies its customers with front end storage and back end storage services. We help our clients to manage drive in and outside volume groups.
We assist them with breaking reserves from drives and removing dead paths from LUNs. We support SCSI, SSA disks, VPATH, EMC, Clarion LUNs.

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