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UNIXAIX Services

UNIXAIX has made it possible for companies in the Dallas, TX area to carry out AIX systems Administration Change Management (CM) in a very costs effective and efficient manner. We address your concerns with UNIX AIX classes and UNIX AIX Change Management (CM). We answer your questions and comments: "I need to implement a Systems Administration Change or I have installed UNIX AIX, now what do I do with it?" or "I need a well seasoned consultant to installed HACMP. or the UNIX AIX Operating System at an affordable price, now what?".

Please contact us for more information or customization of this offering.

We can help you with AIX installation, AIX Classes, AIX implementation, design, VIO, LPAR, DLPAR HACMP, NIM, GPFS, Installation, LVM and SUN Solaris SVM. If you want to take an intensive UNIX AIX course we can also assist you with that. We can teach just about anything you want to know about the UNIX AIX operating system, from basic UNIX AIX, LVM, Installation to virtualization. Our prices are very competitive if not very affordable.

HACMP Application Deployment and Other Services

A perfect deployment of an application in a high availability cluster requires cluster planning, design, implementation, testing and ongoing operation.

The UNIXAIX Team has the processes, skills and experience to deploy or assist in the deployment of your application in a high availability cluster. We can assist you with AIX Classes, AIX implementation, design, VIO, LPAR, DLPAR HACMP, NIM, GPFS, Installation, LVM and SUN Solaris SVM.

We can provide you with a full documentation of the problem or situation and give you advice on how to proceed solve your problems if there is a solution to it.

We can help you investigate a "less than successful" cluster or installation with can help you to Diagnose problems and identify what is wrong.

Other Services

The UNIXAIX Group has has the skills and experience to contribute to projects which do not involve only installation and and High Avalability. We have the skills and experience in system integration, course development and delivery, networking, and security. We also have considerable experience with pretty well all variants of Unix including, in particular, Sun Solaris and UNIX AIX.

Please contact us for more information, we are in the Dallas, Texas area

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